How SMS Short Code Service Works?

SMS short code service is essentially used for generating leads and for receiving customer feedback. In a shared short code environment, every company that is desirous to avail the service will be given a keyword. This keyword is a unique identifier on the shared short code. For instance, if your company’s name is XYZ Ltd. and you choose a keyword like xyzp on the 99987 short code or 56161 short code, then every message that starts with xyzp and a blank space will be forwarded to your panel.

Shortcode Features:

Unlimited Sub Keywords

You can use a number of Sub Keywords that will help the audience easy to remember the keywords and help them redirecting the feedback or message to you.

Complete Reporting

You will receive a complete details of the customer and the feedback they sent to you and that too on a real-time basis. Each response will be a genuine lead to you.

Auto Replies

Send automatic replies to the customers who are sending any message or feedback. You can also change the feedback messages multiple times according to the requirement.

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SMS long code or SMS short code- which one’s right for your business?

While planning a text or SMS marketing campaign, one of the primary decisions an organization needs to make revolves around the selection of an inbound number. Inbound numbers, either in the form of long or short codes, are used to receive SMSs from leads and customers directly into an SMS application. This makes it easy for them to share feedback, ask questions and use these numbers for a variety of other use cases.

These virtual inbound numbers- long codes and short codes, act as the organization’s Sender ID (the from address in a text) and form the backbone of any texting or SMS marketing strategy.

As their names suggest, long codes form a longer set of digits as compared to short codes and can be used to send and receive texts, faxes and make calls. SMS long codes are 10 digit numbers and are tied to an area code, for e.g. (xxx) 123- 1234. These are typically used to send customers texts about their order dispatches, making it seem like the update is being received directly from the delivery boy.

How SMS Long Code Service Works? & code Features

Long code SMS serviceis primarily used for generating leadsor receiving customer feedback. Long code SMS service helps you to make two-way gateway for your needs. It makes communication fast, easy and inexpensive. Long code SMS can be used in competitions for voting purposes. It can be used for promotions, feedback and for other marketing campaigns.

Unlimited Sub Keywords

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of under standing and optimizing web usage.

Complete Reporting

Keywords are the search terms that people into search engines. Your rankings are based on the relevance of your page to those keywords that are searched.

Auto Replies

You are allowed to change the automatic replies as many times as you want according to the demand of the current timing. It also allows you to make changes multiple times.

Response on Dashboard

The response can be received to the customized desktop that is given to you and later can be stored in a tabular form and later can be used to revert a desired response.

Message Triggering

The system will trigger an automatic message to your dashboard if any message is send using the relevant keyword. The message can be a confirmation by the automated reply.

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